Monday, 13 June 2016

Mass Shooting in Florida: Anti-Gay Violence Rooted in Muslim Law | National Review

Orlando madness.
The madness of the shooter, sure.
And the madness of the reaction.
Media are still "waiting to learn the motivation of the shooter", when he's already made it quite clear: he rang 911 to tell them that what at he was going to do was inspired by ISIS.
The madness of LGBTI groups singing against Ilsamophobia and saying it was just a "hate crime".
Well sure hate of gays is one of those "necessary but not sufficient" factors. There are plenty who hate gays but don't kill them. For that you need the ideology of Islam. Which encourages and enables the killing of homosexuals. They do that in Iran -- hanging them from cranes. They machete them to death in Bangladesh. They behead them in Saudi Arabia. ISIS toss them from roofs.
The madness of CAIR in saying that we must fight homophobia AND Islamophobia. As if killing gays is the equivalent to the odd case of people saying nasty things to Muslims.
Enough of the madness of willful blindness.
Islam is front and centre in these killings. There's no need to wait to "make sense" of the killings, as the BBC and ABC are saying now.
Read the Koran and the Hadith.
All makes sense then.

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