Friday, 15 July 2016

War on *terrorism* ??


Everyone seems to be saying that this is a "war on terrorism", or as French PM Valls just said in Nice, "terrorism has declared war" on the west.
This would be like saying, in WW2, that the Allies were at "war on Panzer tanks", or that "U-boats have declared war" on the Allies.
The west must come to its senses. We -- the Allies -- are at war with the ideology of Islam. Because they are at war with us.
Terrorism is just its tactics. The French truck is its Panzer tank. You can't be at war with a tactics you have to be at war with a competing ideology.
Why is it at war with us? Because the Koran tells them to.
This is a war not with terrorism, but with an ideology. The ideology of Islam. Pure and simple.

Peter Forsythe
Hong Kong