Monday, 25 July 2016

What Has Congress Ever Done for Us? - WSJ

You're kidding right?  I did a double-take when I read your list of "achievements" of the current Republican Congress. 
Start with everything the GOP Congress has prevented. Universal pre-K, gun regulation, a $15 national minimum wage, an ObamaCare bailout for insurers, equal pay regulation, more disclosure of campaign donations, "free" community college, a new "infrastructure bank," closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay, among many others. President Obama proposed each of those, often more than once, but they vanished faster than Martin O'Malley 's presidential campaign thanks to the GOP Congress.
To Democrats, of course, the list is one of desirables, not a list to "vanish". 
But it would also be supported, from what I read, here and there, by a large number of Republicans and hence by a majority of Americans. 
The list is hardly one to be proud of. Not one to vote "thanks to Congress". It's a shame on Congress, rather.