Saturday, 15 October 2016

Ezra Levant’s Yom Kippur message to liberal Jews —and everyone else (Full length) - The Rebel

I like Ezra Levant a lot. Not that I agree with all his views: on the Canadian Oil sands, for example, and I think he veers to anthropogenic global warming denialism. Still, he's *very* sound on free speech, issues of Islam and, as in the video below, the case of naive liberal Jews supporting the import to Canada of refugees who are most likely, by all polls, to be bigoted against women, gays and Jews, not to say the concept of democracy itself.
On free speech, some years ago Ezra was taken to court for having written, in Canada's Maclean magazine, about Islamic supremacism on which point he was charged for quoting an Islamic cleric! The imam had said that Muslims would take over Canada as they "breed like mosquitoes" (the imam's words, and spoken approvingly by him, of course). When Ezra quotes this as an example
of Islamic supremacism, plod was smartly at his door, handcuffs in hand.
At the same time Ezra had been one of the very few in the west that had had the courage to reprint the Danish cartoons of Muhammad. For that he was dragged to court.
I followed the case quite closely at the time including the blow by blow account of in-court battles. Ezra's defense cost him a lot of money. He won in the end. Good for him. Though, IIRC, he didn't get back the money he'd spent on his defense.
So as you watch this video think of him as a most principled defender of free speech and a critic of an ideology that would kill and bury naive Jews.