Saturday, 8 October 2016

How Sweden became an exporter of jihad - BBC News

Here's an interesting thing: the lovely Aussie reporter, Yalda Hakim, now with the BBC, has done a show, which I watched this morning on BBC tv here in Hong Kong. (I missed its name, but I guess it's the same as this article).
Good enough. But rather late in the day.
The problems in Sweden from the largest per capita intake of Muslim immigrants in the world, have been extensively covered in the blogosphere for many years. And when first covered, eg by, around ten years ago, they were dismissed as "Islamophobic".
Well, the warnings by we Islamophobes have come true -- and we know this, when even the leftie BBC reports on it.
Thing is, young Yalda, for all her keenness, still misses important issues. At one point she says people are asking "what on earth happened?" Well, the answer is simple:
Islam happened.
Again: she refers over and over to "radical" or "extreme" versions of Islam. Perhaps this is a tactical reference, so as not to conflate
the whole of Islam with those committing barbaric acts in its name. Maybe. But the fact is that the allegedly "radical sharia", for example, is simply mainstream sharia. You can see this in the officially-approved "Umdat al-Salik", the Manual of Islamic Jurisprudence. From the way Yalda talks, I believe the poor little bunny doesn't know this.
That apart, at least the problems of large-scale Muslim immigration is being aired in a key mainstream media outlet.
Perhaps on time they will come for the MSM to accept that the problems are not just with "radical" Islam, but with the doctrines of Islam itself.
A young pMuslim Swedish man, face covered, says he wants sharia for Sweden because he loves Swedish people and this is the best for them. How can you debate this with that sort of world view? It's foundational Islamic doctrine and can only be countered by challenging foundational Islamic doctrine. And, in this endeavour, as Sam Harris says, you need to have reforming Muslims and ex Muslims on your side in that battle. (The likes of Sarah Haider and Maajid Nawaz). See Sam's latest podcast in conversation with Gad Saad.
Again, nothing of that from Yalda and the BBC. Instead you have her covering, sympathetically, the views of Sweden's only police "integration officer" who blames, guess who? -- the Swedish police! That's right. It's not the fault of Islamic thugs and the doctrines they follow. But Sweden, that welcoming country, is at fault. I'm sure that immigrants to Sweden must include Christians, Buddhists and atheists. Yet it's only the Muslims who cause the problems: who are "exporters of jihad".
It's the doctrine of Islam, stupid.
Perhaps in time BBC and other MSM will. listen to we Islamophobes. *Before* the problems become worse.