Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Flo and Joan 2016

A friend sent me this vid, saying it well summarised his thinking on 2016.  When I challenged this, saying I thought it was "arrant undergraduate nonsense", he said, well, it was just "tongue in cheek".  I don't think so, because "tongue in cheek" is ironical, and this is simply in-your-face whining...
If you click on the "Most Popular" in the comments, you find the vast majority think like me: that it's a couple of whiners.
And really, really annoying.
But I managed to struggle through it again -- me, a "straight white male muggle" -- and have these comments:
0:11.  Flo & Joan's misandry in full view right at the outset: all the world's problems are down to us, we "straight white male muggles". I had to look up muggle. I hate Harry Potter, books and films alike so while I'd kind of heard of the word, I'd not really understood it.  Now I know it means a non-magic person, i.e. an actual normal person, but it's used pejoratively by Potterphiles, especially women.  Right, that about sums up these two dimwits: they're "magic" and the rest of the world is non-magic and hence racist, bigoted, misogynous, and so on.
0:35.  Zika.  Has been effectively wiped out. Keep up, ladies!
0:40.  Brock Turner is mentioned.  Well, here's the sad story.  You'd only mention this if you were misandrists like Flo & Joan.
1:01.  Police shootings. Studies at Harvard and in Texas show that white police officers are slightly less likely to shoot black suspects than they are to shoot white suspects.  That's studies by black professors, and are replicated by other studies I've seen over the years.
See, e.g. Larry Elder talking to Dave Rubin in the vid below:

1:04. "Spike in racist hate crimes".  Yes, but FBI figures show that the largest increase is in hate crimes against Jews.  Jews remain the group that suffers most hate crimes in total and by far the most in per capita terms.  Yet we don't hear about that.  Flo & Joan leave us to draw our own conclusions, that the spike in hate crimes is against Muslims.
1:06.  "Death toll is upsetting".  Not sure what they mean here, but if it's humans in general, of course we know it's wrong, because homo sapiens have never been healthier or longer living.
1:13.  "It's not looking good for you if you're female, Muslim, POC or LGBTQ".  Actually, the opposite is true.  There are more females studying at university than males. Muslims are a protected class, immune from criticism on pain of howls of protest from the Left. POC have also made huge strides since the 60s-70s (See Larry Elder, above or Thomas Sowell ), and ditto for LGBTQ.  All of which apply at least in the West, though not in the Muslim-majority countries that the Left so loves to protect from our "bigoted" and "racist" criticism.
1:24.  "Racist (Brexit) referendum".  What exactly was it about the campaign that was "racist".  Sure there was concern about immigration, but that's because many working class people lost their jobs to lower-wage foreign workers.  That's hardly racism. That's an economic issue. Or are the urban liberal Left to think that the working class should just take it on the chin?  If Flo & Joan had suffered the same, I wonder how they would react.  In any case, the main issues were -- and I followed the Bremain debate closely -- were economy, employment and sovereignty.
1:39.  Trump and his "neo-Nazi" crew.  Well, that's just nonsense.  Study the Nazis, girls.  This is the sort of nonsense that makes everything a "holocaust" or "genocide".
So that's about it for me: covering a vid that doesn't really deserve this attention.  I've only done this because of the number of people that really do think that Flo and Joan have offered us a witty incisive critique of 2016 and its strange happenings.
They don't.  They offer us a lesson in rhyming nonsense.