Thursday, 2 February 2017

Islamists and Jihadists are religiously inspired. They're not the "poor", "marginalised", "afflicted", "unemployed"....

Still to this day you get people apologising for Islamists and Jihadists by claiming they're marginalised or oppressed or unemployed and poor.  This Obama & Co's view.  At one stage his Attorney General (IIRC) claimed that terrorism could be cured by finding them all jobs.
This hasn't ever been the case and is not so now.  Look at the 9/11 hijackers: all middle class, educated, well-employed men. Engineers and doctors.  Similarly for the bomb-killers in the UK, the 7/7 bombers in the UK were fathers, husbands and well-employed citizens.
One of them made it clear:
Our drive and motivation doesn't come from tangible commodities that this world has to offer. Our religion is Islam, obedience to the one true God and following the footsteps of the final prophet messenger.
And those "footsteps" of Muhammad were those of a man who took part in at least 27 battles and personally beheaded captives.  He especially liked killing jews.

Here we have a report from India, that their problem with ISIS supporters there are specifically motivated by their religion. A religion which mandates, let's recall, that they "kill the unbelievers" and "terrorise the infidels wherever you find them".
Officials from the National Investigation Agency who are probing all IS-related cases say out of those arrested for ties with the outfit, only 20 per cent had studied in a madrasa. The rest had gone to regular schools and colleges and are also highly-qualified.
This shows that it is not the old school of thought which has driven youth towards the IS. The IS has successfully managed to capture the imagination of several Muslim youth through propaganda. The dream of the Caliphate or the virgins in heaven are some of the points that have been driven into the minds of youth who took to the IS.
 The "dream of the Caliphate" and the "virgins in heaven" are specifically religious motivations.
As Sam Harris said recently: "Belief in a beautiful life after death means lack of belief in tolerance in our present life".  (or words to that effect).