Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Trump's speech to Congress

I'm watching this now and so far seems pretty much of the same. As we've seen through the Primaries, Debates, Inauguration speech and since.
Some random observations:
Exporting motor vehicles: he bemoans the alleged fact the countries US could export cars and motor bikes to have high tariffs whereas the US has none. He's wrong on at least the export side: Europe and Japan have zero tariffs on vehicle imports. Zero.
There are other good reasons the US exports hardly any vehicles. One of which is, or at least used to be up to eight years ago when I last drove a US car in the US, that they're crap. Another is that the US is itself a big market that doesn't need to export.
Obamacare: why is it that the rest of the world manages to have health care cheaper than the US without having to re-legislate it and change it every year. What's wrong with you America??
Then again isn't it weird that Trump tweeted yesterday "nobody knew that Heath care was so complicated"! Well, I think Hillary and Obama do.
Crime: the same old false ""fact": that US has record crimes. Truth is - and there IS a truth here - that US crime including murder rates are at historical lows.