Wednesday, 15 March 2017

It's OK to say Western civilization is superior | Fatah | Columnists | Opinion |

From Tarek Fatah, a straight-spoken, moderate, reformist Canadian Muslim, speaks sense in this article.
A pox on the Chelsey Clintonian mobs of Po-mo cultural relativists.
I know a number of folks who share her virtue-signalling views. They are so certain of their rectitude: all cultures are equal and all need to be equally respected.
But it ought to be clear from cursory research that the notion of "all cultures are equal"is a crock. A society with human sacrifice? Ripping the hearts out of children? Throwing gays off roofs?*
* OK, so I don't know of any culture that still does the first two anymore. Is the third any less bad? It's culture equal to all others?

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