Monday, 13 March 2017

ABC QANDA dumps on Bill Leak

I'm watching ABC's weekly Q &A.
A young fellow asked about Bill Leak's recent death. Leak was The Australian's cartoonist, known for his irreverent style and most controversially for a cartoon of a deadbeat dad. In this case an aboriginal deadbeat dad. That's what got him charged with a hate crime under article 18C of the Human Rights Act.
The questioner was troubled for the fact that many lefties had celebrated Leak's death. And asked if this said something about our inability to hear views we don't agree with.
How did the panel answer? To a man and woman they dumped in Leak.
Shame, shame on them.
They barely got to say they didn't celebrate his death (gee!) before they were into his "insensitivity", his "racism", his "increasingly narrowly race focused cartoons". The Canadian lady panelist -- a truly horrid example of the virtue-signaling self-righteous left -- opined that "this wouldn't happen in Canada" -- as if we care how we measure up to Canada! -- and that Australia was therefore lagging the Ay-Oh state in enlightenment. Another woman panelist asked why we want free speech "in order that we can insult and vilify" thus comprehensively missing the point of free speech, yet garnering audience applause.
Pissants all of them.

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