Saturday, 4 November 2017

‘Allahu Akbar’: An Everyday Phrase, Tarnished by Attacks - The New York Times

I'm sorry Mr Ali, but you can't have your "Allahu akbar" back ("I want 'Allahu akbar' back", 3 November).
Any more than the Japanese could have back their "Banzai" from WW2, which literally means "long life", but presaged their suicide attacks.  Just like today's jihadis.  
Or any more than we can take back "gay" as meaning "happy".  Or "fake news" from meaning, well, literally, fake news. 
That's just the way it is, I'm afraid. Jihadis call on their god just before they kill innocents, and we infidels are going to connect the two.
And, By the way, why is it that your primary concern after the death of 8 innocents is about your religion?  And not about them? 
As Maajid Nawaz said to Linda Sarsour on the same topic, on Twitter: "You. Are. Not. The. Victim".
Many will think this of your self-pitying article: How dare you?