Monday, 6 November 2017

Swedish photographers.... who...

How ironic! This triptych is in Gothenburg, Sweden. Usually a warning not to
be complicit by silence, in Sweden they now represent its willful blindness 
(and willful deafness, willful muteness) to the issues facing it after
decades of mass Islamic immigration

…. who see nothing…. (hear nothing, say nothing)

Sweden is facing major issues from Islamic immigration.  

If you took your BBC boasts of fearless factual reporting, you would not air puff pieces like the one this morning (HK time) on the BBC World Service, an interview with two Swedish photographers who found everything in Sweden absolutely fine.  "Nothing to see here".

It's anything but fine, as I can personally attest after a recent visit there.

Just one example, the Australian 60 Minutes team, gets attacked.    (

You should not be complicit in the willful blindness of Sweden's bien pensants.  

Those who point out the problems are not "extreme right wing".  They're genuinely concerned folk who are rightly concerned that their fine and open society is being subverted. That's not nativitst, racist or xenophobic and shame on you all at the BBC for suggesting so.

Where's the BBC in the struggle to uphold liberal, tolerant values??

Peter F,