Muslims the biggest victims | The Age, Letters. 29 January 2018

Muslim victimhood and apologia in The Age
Muslims the biggest victims The horrific terror attack in Kabul has killed over 95 innocent civilians and injured hundreds more. This attack again demonstrates that Muslims are in fact the biggest victims of terrorism. It is only when attacks such as these get as much media coverage as those in the West, that the public will begin to realise that these extremists are the enemies of humanity at large. Khizar Rana, Walkerville, SAA weekly occurrence  As an Ahmadi Muslim, I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks in Kabul in recent weeks and my prayers are with the families of the victims. Most people don't realise that most victims of terrorism are Muslims themselves. The number of attacks that happen in Western countries during a year occurs every week in Muslim countries. Two attacks in two weeks in Kabul have seen hundreds massacred but I don't expect Islamophobes to highlight the religious affinity of victims because then they can't blame Islam if such an atrocity occurs in a Western country.

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