“US, tell Trump to grow up or get out”, 9 January

Poor Jenna Price! She "spent months crying" at Hillary's defeat by Trump. But then she has the gall to call Trump childish. ("US, tell Trump to grow up or get out", 9 January).
In the very next sentence she inoculates herself against the possibility that anything Trump did could change her mind. Not saving the world, not curing cancer. Nothing will budge her from her Trump hate. That Trump is evil, a Nazi, a homophobic, misogynist child. (I think he is none of these, by the way).
Such hyperventilating hyperbole will do nothing to help win the presidency for the Democrats in 2020.
Instead of snide sarcasm — which passes for clever humour to the likes of Price — what's needed is an understanding of what made so many vote for Trump. And what made so few vote for Hillary — at least in those heartland states where it mattered not in the liberal states where it didn't. Imagine how bad Hillary had to be to lose to a man now claimed to be senile, mentally unstable and childish!  Democrats must learn from Hillary's defeat not continue obsessively to re-litigate it.
To be clear I am not and have never been a Trump supporter. But I do know some Trump voters, unlike, I suspect, Ms Price from the dismissive way she speaks about them. They are not all knuckle dragging troglodytes. Indeed those I know in Hong Kong are smart liberal minded folk. 

Come on Ms Price! It's time you did some growing up yourself. Or stop with this repetitive, boring whinging.
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