"Amy Chozick Exposes Hillary’s Groveling Press Corps" | National Review | Kyle Smith

I read an article by Amy Chozick in yesterday's International New York Times, the print edition, which I take daily.  I thought it a pretty amazing article, in that it was clear that the Times thought it would give a good insight, and sympathetic view, to the women covering Hillary's campaign, whereas it made me think how clearly biased they all were, all the press covering the campaign. More: the headline to her article yesterday, "They were never going to let me be president", reveals, yet again, how out of touch Hillary was and remains about the reasons for her loss.  It's everyone's fault but hers. In fact, Hill, you ran the worst campaign ever and should really have taken notice of those "deplorables" out there in the mid-west.
This article, by Kyle Smith in the National Review, takes apart Chozick's book, Chasing Hillary (on which Chozick's Times article yesterda was based).  He sums up the book as "might as well be called Worshipping Hillary".  

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