Monday, 9 April 2018

Risotto From Sri Lanka Is Just as Good | New York Times | Roger Cohen. April 9.

Let’s not base our immigration policy on an Italian rice dish
Oh dear. Roger Cohen off the reservation again after his shocker yesterday.
This time he tells the story of a Sri Lankan immigrant chef in Italy, in case "you're tired of reading terrible things about immigrants". He tells us a success story and reckons "I'd say there are millions of such stories across Europe".
I'd say not. If there were, we wouldn't have 75% of Europeans against ongoing mass immigration.
Not content to ignore the fact that anecdote is not data, Cohen picks Sri Lankan immigrants! He doesn't tell us their religion but it's most likely Buddhist or Hindu. These folk don't have issues with integrating. Unlike the votaries of Islam whose doctrine of "Loyalty and Enmity" enjoins illegal immigrants not to become part of the host country culture.
Come on now Me Cohen! What's happened to you? You used to have a realistic and nuanced position on the great challenge of mass immigration facing Europe.
Now you slime anyone with concerns about illegal immigration and tell us anecdotes about people who are irrelevant to the concerns of the vast majority of Europeans.
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