Thursday, 3 January 2013

"How to read in 2013"

A while back I was reading The Australian newspaper and was tackled for being "a conservative".  Just for reading that paper. Never mind that below that I also had copies of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Financial Review (both rather of the left), which I had yet to get to.  The very fact that I was reading the Murdoch paper was enough to brand me as a "conservative".  Now, I may or may not be a conservative, but the fact of reading a paper of that side should not be enough proof.  For I think one should read widely on all sides of the divide.
These days I read The Spectator (rightish) and the New Yorker and The Atlantic (both rather leftish).  I read blogs on left (Crooked Timber) and the right (David Thompson). I read the New York Times (leftish), and the Daily Mail and Telegraph (right)
One should read all sides, I reckon.
Ross Douthat of the New York Times takes this a bit further.  Here.