Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Pollution in China

The main square, Tianamen, Central Beijing

The China Central TV building.  SCMP

Reports today that two-thirds of China is suffering pollution levels up to 20-times the recommended maxima.
Meantime, in Hong Kong, Christine Loh, the new Environment Secretary steps up with some practical steps.  [pdf].
I texted a mate who lives in Beijing.  Here's what he said....
Mate, I have simply blocked out thinking about pollution in Beijing for 26 odd years. But, have not been able to for the last 3 odd weeks. On some days it has been so bad that one could simply not go out. I walked the dog for half an hour one day an immediately got ganmao [flu]. That's how bad it has been. The government is under pressure about it and so they should be instead of lurching around harrassing their neighbours they should clean up at home