Thursday, 31 January 2013

Mark Lynas sees the light

Just quickly noting environmental activist Mark Lynas' appearance on BBC's Hard Talk, in which he talked of his conversion: from fierce critic of GM foods, to supporter of them, based on the agreed science.
Of course the anti-GM mob are not taking this lying down.
A selection of links:
Mark Lynus' mea culpa on his own website.
And, for balance....
Critics of his mea culpa, with internal links to other reports:
Earth Island Journal
GM Watch

Interesting too, how when it's someone deemed to be "of the right", the support for GM food is simply dismissed.  When it's an old-time leftie, who was once against GM, when he recants, the mediascape is all over it.

He's also changed his mind on Nuclear, too, which he now supports.  Yay!