Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Bob Fowler with Zeinab Badawi on BBC's Hard Talk

Email letter to BBC:
I wonder if Zeinab Badawi*, or her producers, are aware of just how desperate she sounded in her Hard Talk with the diplomat Bob Fowler, to excuse Islam from any wrong doing, and to have Fowler accept the argumentum ad populum that Islam is a "Religion of Peace" which has been twisted or warped by the extremely small band of extremists, just like those who kidnapped Mr Fowler? 
I know it's a show called "Hard Talk" for a reason -- she has to challenge the interviewee.
But this went beyond that.  One could sense the desperation in her voice to try to make Fowler submit to the progressives' worldview of Islam: that there is nothing in Islam to be worried about -- it's just those tiny number of horrid extremists.
To his great credit Mr Fowler did not buy into that nonsense, and that made it a great, memorable and educational interview.  Well done Mr Fowler!
Peter F, etc..
*BTW: I'm a big fan of Zeinab Badawi.  But I just knew her views on Islam would be as those revealed in this interview. But what can she do?  She's brought up-- one presumes -- to believe those bromides, and now works in the Beebs !