Friday, 14 June 2013

Sam Harris: Islam and the Misuses of Ecstasy

There are heaps of things I Don't Get.
Like: how do rubber-band manufacturers make any money?  We have a little box of rubber bands that we've had since before the Flood.  It's not got fewer bands, but more than when we bought it, as they're added to by the various bits that come through the door in rubber bands.  I don't get that.
And trolling.  Why is it that if you're on a website and happen to point out something that's not in the general drift of the philosophy of that blog, why is one immediately a "troll"? I don't get that.
I don't get why people convert to Islam. I certainly understand why people are Muslims when they're born into it; but not how one could read the Trinity of Islam and decide "yep, that's the religion for me!".
So I also I don't get, as Sam Harris doesn't get, the failure of folks to understand the dangers of militant Islam. Says Sam:  I have long struggled to understand how smart, well-educated liberals can fail to perceive the unique dangers of Islam....
Here are his interesting thoughts on the issue.