Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Russia: worst place to live?

Having just done a three week car trip in Russia, from Vladivostok in the Russian Far East to Moscow, I found this article interesting.
Russia is an appalling #30 in the overall results, with only Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and Turkey below it. If, as I would, you choose one factor from each of the four groups as your litmus test (income, health, civic engagement and life satisfaction, the four I'd say are most salient), Russia stunningly emerges as the very worst nation on the planet to live in, something that's consistent with the experience of many foreigners who live in Russia. Doing this, Sweden is the best place on earth, followed by Australia and the USA.  
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The interactive chart on the OECD site is fun.  Australia comes out very well, as do the US and Canada; UK is the best of Europe, but Europe itself not a top performer...

LATER: a reader comment: 

So it the worst country on earth (out of 28 or so rich countries) based on the authors chosen metrics.
 Civic engagement and life satisfaction are both very subjective and hard to measure. Moreover I am doubtful about using USA's average income as a statistic. a tiny proportion of the population owns all that wealth.

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