Saturday, 26 April 2014

"A Protestant country is a free country"

This wonderful article in The Spectator, by Julie Burchill pretty well sums up the way I feel about religion.  I'm an atheist, but a Christian atheist. That is, as Ms Burchill says
"... I’m not a Christian, but I want to live in a Christian country — a Protestant country, specifically, as I believe that it is the best guarantor of my freedom and the freedom of others, many of whom I disagree with."
Not all religions are the same.  In the UK, as Burchill correctly notes, when she left her synagogue:
"... the liberal rabbi’s insistence that all religions were equally worthy of respect began to sound increasingly hollow in the face of the increasing intolerance and bigotry of Islamism."
She identifies herself as a philo-semite. So do I. So should more people.

If the link above breaks, here is a pdf.