Friday, 4 April 2014

"When Your Son Is a Suicide Bomber"

In the report of failed UK suicide bomber and recent convert to Islam, Andrew Ibrahim, there's a telling quote from him:
”It is of significant importance that we all come together to root out extremism and the poisonous propaganda that is in our communities and on the Internet.” [my emphasis]
Telling? how?  Well, what the article does not address are these questions:
  • What exactly was it that made the newly-converted Ibrahim think it was his duty to try to kill as many infidels as possible; in short, what generated his "extremism"?  And...
  • What exactly is that "poisonous propaganda" that is in our communities and on the internet?
The answer to both questions is easy: it's the Koran and the Hadith (the sayings of Muhammad).  These make it abundantly clear that what a Muslim must do is propagate his religion, violently if necessary.  Killing infidels is exhorted.  In other words "poisonous propaganda" is just another phrase for the normative teachings of Islam, the Islamic Trinity.
But, of course, to mention this key and vital fact would be "Islamophobia".