Thursday, 3 April 2014

New shooting in Fort Hood

Obama has promised to "get to the bottom" of what motivated the shooter in today's edition of "shoot the soldier", the latest shootings at Fort Hood in the US.
Really?  Last time around, when Major Nidal Hasan killed 13 of his fellow soldiers, the official report into it did not mention, even once, Islam or Islamism as a cause.
Yet Hasan called himself, on his name card, a "Soldier of Allah".  He gave away copies of the Koran before he went on his rampage.  He had given slide presentations which included verses from the Koran calling for the killing of "infidels".  During the shooting he was yelling "Allahu Akbar", god is great, the grim precursor to an atrocity.
But motive?  As far as Obama, and Obama's satraps in the Defence Department were concerned, nothing to do with Islam.
Later, in the Benghazi attacks against the US consulate, Obama made every attempt to steer the responsibility away from Al Qaeda, who were later shown to be the ones responsible, and onto some guy that had made a rather silly movie about Muhammad.  A US guy, by the way, who was promptly jailed for exercising his freedom of speech.
So, "get to the bottom" of this one? I think not.
Already they're in the "don't blame Islam" mode.  They admit they know nothing about the today's Fort Hood shooter.  But they say that "it has nothing to do with terrorism" (aka Islamic terror).
And the BBC is as bad.  They have many times today talked of Hasan's shootings at Fort Hood; not once did Islam or Islamism feature.
All this is nothing short of applying Islamic Sharia law -- no criticism of Islam allowed -- to the west's largest power.