Wednesday, 28 May 2014

"Debate" on the results of Euro elections -- immigration.

Dear BBC,

I've just been listening, here in Hong Kong, to your World Service radio about the results of the recent European elections, and especially the concerns about mass immigration to Europe and Britain.
Your reporter said it was a "debate".
All the interviewees were all of a mind. At the most they allowed that there might be a few losers in the process of mass immigration. But overall, it was " enriching", both socially and economically.
That's arguable, at the very least. But you did not have someone argue the other side. So, no real debate there.
And you did not touch on the single most important fact: that people are concerned not so much with mass immigration per se, but with mass Muslim immigration. (there are many good reasons for that specific concern, but I won't rehearse them here).
And: mass immigration most negatively affects the working class. There used to be a time when the Left cared about the working class.
Finally: are you going to ignore the large majority (over 70%) of Brits who think there is too much mass immigration? Are they to be simply dismissed as "populist"?

Ahhh, dear ol' Auntie! Never to be gainsaid in its pensants bien...

Peter Forsythe
Discovery Bay
Hong Kong