Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Palestinians must first meet conditions

South China Morning Post ran my letter today:
Palestinians must first meet conditions
I refer to your editorial, "Israel must seize chance for peace" (May 5).
I think a more logical headline would have been: "Palestinians must meet preconditions."
You say, "Israel is letting a golden chance to make peace with Palestinians slip by with its refusal to negotiate with a unified government".
But later you said the "unified Palestinian government has to first meet three conditions set eight years ago: recognition of Israel; a renunciation of violence; and acceptance of previous deals struck between the [Palestine Liberation Organisation] and Israel. If the PLO and Hamas can alter their positions, there is no reason why [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu should not also be forward-looking". Indeed. But that is a very big "if".
And these preconditions are surely more fundamental than Israel's failure to release Palestinian prisoners.
Hamas has now become part of that unified government in Palestine. Article 7 of the Hamas Charter urges Muslims to fight the Jews.
How can Israel "seize the chance" with those who openly wish to murder them?
Peter Forsythe, Discovery Bay
[Note: they changed "kill" to "fight" in the penultimate paragraph. I don't know why they did that when the Hamas charter (which I quoted), is clear: all Muslims must kill Jews].

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Later: about time.... Kerry told Abbas that to gain full support from America, the Palestinian government needs to agree to eschew violence and recognise Israel...