Thursday, 8 May 2014

What the Frack?

Putin is no doubt shit-scared that the West, starting with the US, might become energy independent.  Then he couldn't use his gas and oil to bully them.
But that's just what's happening, at least  in the US. The fracking boom there threatens (from Putin's view) to make the US self-sufficient in energy. What if the same happened in Europe?  Gone the would be the lever to have Euros do anything more robust than clench their collective buttocks,when he decides to do a Hitler on Crimea.
So, what to do?  Smear fracking, that's what.
So, there I am in the gym, doing me treadmill and watching Russian TV (RT). I don't usually watch it at home, but at the gym, it's not bad.
Yesterday they had a go at fracking.
Here's how it went.
Interviewer asks: and what are the dangers of fracking?
Interviewees says: well, there are people here who feel concerned that fracking may cause earthquakes and seep up to spoil the ground water.
Now, get that: "people feel concerned". Concerned.  There's nothing there that provides any proof. Just "concern".
And yet, there is no evidence that fracking causes earthquakes or spoils groundwater.
Just let "concern" trump truth. For that's what the agenda is: to dump on fracking.
Meantime, because of fracking, the US is the only developed economy that has reduced its carbon emissions: by 10% in the last decade.
There's an interesting article on the whole issue -- and related craziness on wind and solar -- here at the Spectator ($), with PDF of my own print copy here.