Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Bill Maher and Sam Harris Educate Affleck about Islam

A fine article, proving once again that facts won't get in the way of prejudice.  In this case the prejudice of Ben Affleck, that Islam is the religion of peace, no matter the carnage in the world done in its name, specifically in the name of its ideology: The Trinity of Islam.
I don’t usually stand with comedian Bill Maher, but last week on hisReal Time program the provocateur once again was a voice of reason addressing the Islam Problem. His guests were atheist author Sam Harris, former RNC Chairman Michael Steele, New York Timescolumnist Nicholas Kristof, and actor/director Ben Affleck of the Oscar-winning Iranian hostage crisis flick Argo. As you might expect from such a lineup, the discussion swiftly degenerated into the usual stalemate between facts and politically correct defensiveness.  Read on
Affleck in idiot mode
Dumb Affleck
Affleck, Harris, Maher, Kristof: squabble about Islam