Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Hong Kong wins the game

It seems that Xi Jinping reads my blog and took my advice to follow "Wu Wei" (the Taoist philosophy of "do nothing" to solve many problems).
Thomas L. Friedman talks about Islamic bodies and quotes Fukuyama, thus:
“But before power can be constrained, it has to be produced. ... Government is not just about constraints. It’s about providing security, infrastructure, health and rule of law. And anyone who can deliver all of that” — including China — “wins the game whether they are democratic or not. ... 
I thought that applies to Hong Kong too. We have a genuinely free society, freedom of speech, of conscience and of religion, equal rights for men, women and minorities.  There are some democracies that don't have that.  In any case, Hong Kong is far more democratic than many know. I've been the chairman of an election committee, working to get a local District Commissioner elected a few years ago.  The campaign was everything that they are in the west: torrid, tough, open and fair (we lost...).  And that's for District Councillors who have more to do with what the average people care about -- garbage collection, security, town planning, that sort of thing.