Saturday, 4 October 2014

Hong Kong pushes Islam off the front pages...

... well for a day or two at least. For the so-called "Umbrella revolution".  But we don't really want "revolution", surely, as the experience of those in the past has been less than glorious.  

Letter to the BBC, after just hearing from one Kwai Wong, a youngster who sounded so entitled and so "scared" of her shadow, that she came across as a jejune fantasist.  But the BBC was buying her story, giving it full read-out treatment....
Dear BBC "World Have Your Say"
I’ve just heard the Kwai Wong, one of the Occupiers, reading out her letter on the BBC World Service Radio here in Hong Kong.
It’s full of rather naive sentiments, and unattaible goals — civic nomination of candidates for the 2017 election is in contravention of the Basic Law, after all.  And many of the leaders of the Occupy/Student movement have admitted as much: that their two goals are unachievable: the resignation of CY Leung and the civic nomination of candidates.
Now: it seems to me that you’re clearly on the side of the Occupy people (well, so am I, just not their tactics).  You really ought to have someone on the other side of this issue on the show.  There’s a majority after all — around 75% — who said they don’t approve of Occupy/Scholarism’s aims.  Surely you need something to counter the jejune fantasies of the likes of Kwai Wong.
I can tell you, living and moving around this town (and I speak both Mandarin and Cantonese), that people are getting increasingly pissed off.  And so they should be: for life is being impacted and small business ruined for aims that all know (even the Occupiers) are not attainable — at least with these tactics…..
Today’s Michael Chugani article in the South China Morning Post is spot on — and that’s for a guy that’s on the Left and minded usual to side with anti-government forces..
By the way: the Occupiers are saying that population of HK is on their side. That’s false.  Before the occupations, the public was about 75% against it. Now that it’s happened, University of HK polls show a plurality are against them.  The “referendums” held earlier in the year, found that mare people voted agains than for.  So they’re in the minority, impacting business and the good name of Hong Kong. And for what?