Tuesday, 9 May 2017

"A slight whiff of hope for Middle East peace", 8 May

Hamas adores Hitler. They just fault him for not finishing off the job

I don't agree with your Leader that Hamas' abandoning its rejectionist stance towards a Palestinian state gives cause for hope ("A slight whiff of hope for Middle East peace", 8 May).

If only.

But all Hamas has done is move from a one-step policy of annihilating Israel to a two-step policy of annihilating Israel: (1) grudgingly accept a Palestinian state on the West Bank and Gaza and (2) *then* annihilate Israel. Meantime Hamas' Charter aims to kill Jews wherever they are remains intact (Article 7).

The fact that it's taken Hamas four years (!) to budge this little ought to be cause for frustration and mockery, not for kudos. If the UN and western media had directed more of its criticism at the Palestinian side, instead of the constant drumbeat at Israel, perhaps the movement might have been more significant: accepting Israel's right to exist, for example.

In the meantime the Hamas document deserves what it got at the hands of Netanyahu : consignment to the dustbin. He will probably be excoriated for that, but it's not Israel which has been rejectionist all these years.

Hong Kong