Thursday, 4 May 2017

Is Marine Le Pen really far-right? | Douglas Murray | The Spectator

I too have often wondered why the MSM regularly — pretty much without fail — call Marine Le Pen "far right". Like Murray ("Is Marine Le Pen really far-right?") I assume that it's her statements on the Islamic question in Europe. Which situation is dire, but still can't be addressed by lefties without one's being labelled "Islamophobic", and that's the end of it: you're "far right".
The always reliable Douglas Murray nails it again, in this essay.
Interesting info that I didn't know: majorities of Europeans favour the blocking of immigration from majority Muslim countries.  They're awake, even if their political overlords are asleep, or feigning sleep:

In February, Chatham House released a poll which asked 10,000 Europeans whether they agreed or not with the statement 'All further migration from mainly Muslim countries should be stopped'. The majority of the public in eight out of the ten countries surveyed (including France and Germany) agreed with its premise. In only two countries was this a minority opinion. In one of them — the UK — only 47 per cent of the public agreed that all further Muslim immigration should be stopped.
Of course, the habit of the political left and mainstream right continues to be to call all such opinion 'far-right', even when it encompasses the majority of the public. However, doing so ignores political shifts occurring due to events rather than incipient fascism, and scares away mainstream politicians from addressing — rather than merely bloviating around — societal problem voters are asking them to tackle. 

We should also look at the policies of the late and much admired Lee Kwan-yew, which I read in his Hard Truths.  He was concerned to keep social stability in the face of increasing Islamism by the approx 15% (IIRC) of the Singaporean population that was Muslim. He notes in Hard Truths that his Muslim colleagues and friends were becoming increasingly "fundametalist".  They used to shake his hand, go out and enjoy a lunch together, with beer.  Lately (he's talking of the 90's IIRC), he'd noticed that they would avoid shaking his hand and no longer go out for fun lunches with him. This, remember, is Lee Kwan-yew!  A world-famous figure, and no racist.  In any case, Lee's policies included, the following, that I reckon we should adopt in the west.  There was no blowback to Lee.  Any blowback in the west must therefore be "racist", right?!
Lee Kwan-yew policies, re Singapore's Muslim population:

(1) Close mosques that preach extreme Islamist messages.
(2) Don't allow any foreign funding of mosques.  

This latter policy might need to include foreign funding to churches, synagogues and temples, to give cover.  But it needs to be done for mosques because the majority of mosques in western countries are funded by Saudi Arabia and preach a Salafist/Wahhabi version of extreme, intolerant Islam.  Why should they be allowed to fund mosques that call for the death of their host countries?  To turn them into hellholes like Saudi and Iran?
Lee is pretty much as un-toxic as you can get, and more people who are worried about islamification of the west should read and promote his ideas.