Friday, 5 May 2017

President Janet Morgan Riggs responds to open letter from alums on Robert Spencer | The Gettysburgian.

My comment on this issue is awaiting moderation.
Why are college Presidents becoming such pussies? It may seem the easier option at the outset, to give in to anti free speech bullies. But it's bad for them in the longer term as they implicitly encourage more bullying.
My comment to the President:
I have followed Robert Spencer for many years: his blog, books and videos. Conclusions:
1. He is not a bigot. He makes a clear distinction between Muslims as people and Islam as ideology
2. He is very knowledgeable about Islam.
3. He consistently stresses his aims: to pursue freedom of speech, freedom of conscience and the rights of women and minorities.
4. He should be permitted to speak. For those who don't agree with him let them come along and tell him why.
The issue of his alleged bigotry should have been completely irrelevant.
This issue should not have been "extraordinarily complex and difficult" as made out by the President. Her line should have been: "I don't know about Mr Spencer or his views. In the interests of free speech, I will let him speak and you are free to *not* attend his speech or attend and challenge him if you disagree." End of.
Forse in Hong Kong