Saturday, 3 June 2017

Baroness Cox: “Of course, you immediately run the risk of being called ‘Islamophobic,’ but we speak the truth”

"... stubborn facts, not fear, support Cox in being what Ahmed unflatteringly calls an "Islam skeptic." If objective observers believe that Egyptian strongman Abdel Fattah el-Sisi enjoys the support of the majority of his countrymen even amidst enormous human rights abuses, then support for Assad in similar circumstances is no surprise.
"Meanwhile at home in Britain, the Manchester Arena ISIS attack a week after her private address made her discussion of a gynecologist friend appear prophetic. The friend had related how a Muslim woman paid an office visit with a schoolboy guardian (??)* who then discussed his madrassa teaching about blowing up a soccer stadium full of non-Muslim kuffars (infidels). Muslims and non-Muslims alike need more critical inquiry from courageous individuals like Cox, not less."
*(?? My emphasis): "schoolboy guardian"? Must be Saudi or Pakistan.

Read the whole article with the Baroness' views here.   Interesting. Good on the good baroness.