Saturday, 3 June 2017

"Nothing to do with Islam".... the “search me” version

One of the doctors attending the wounded young girls from the Manchester Arena murders is a Muslim. Interviewed on BBC Radio he expressed shock that the bomber should have been one of his coreligionists. One wonders where the good doctor has been living. Evidently buried in hospital wards. [after all, there have been over 30,000 attacks by Muslims around the world since 9/11].
Beebs was sympathetic, of course. They referred to the mass murderer, Salman Abedi, as the bomber who "claimed to be Muslim"! Right. Abedi was brought up a Muslim by a pious Muslim father. He'd become increasingly pious himself; he was a hafiz, one who has learned the Koran by heart; he wore Muslim garb. But to the BBC, he just might be an atheist, or a Hindu, perhaps.
As usual, the Author at Jesus & Mo skewers this point, in his cartoon above.
Excellent comments too.