Sunday, 4 June 2017

CNN's version of "nothing to do with Islam": street gangs and warped ideology

Re: London Bridge killings (now 6 dead and 30 48 wounded). 
CNN just now had a former FBI Special Agent, James Gagliano, telling us that the terrorists are nothing but a violent street gang made up of "disenfranchised" and "alienated" angry young men, who have based their actions on a "warped ideology", a "twisted version" of Islam. 
Agent Gagliano fails to tell us that since 9/11 pretty much all of the mass murder attacks in the West have been perpetrated by well-to-do middle-class Muslims. Salman Abedi, the Manchester mass murderer, was a Uni student for goodness sake. 
Agent Gagliano fails to tell us why other ethnic minorities who might feel themselves "alienated" or "disenfranchised" don't go on the murderous rampages Muslims do. Could it be that they don't have holy ideologies that tell them to kill those who don't believe their version of God, their version of a Supernatural Being. 
Agent Gagliano doesn't tell us how the Islamic terrorists are hewing to an allegedly "twisted and warped" version of Islam. About 60% of the Koran rails against "infidels" (I've done the text analysis) and promises glory to those Muslims who kill infidels. How is acting on that supreme command from the supreme being, Allah, how is that "warped" how is that twisted"?  
Killing infidels "wherever you find them" (9.29) is core Islam in Islam's core text the Holy Koran. 
Still, the CNN anchors and their acolytes lapped up the nonsense fed to them by Agent Gagliano. 
LATER: On CNN another FBI agent, Bobby Chacon, says that at a similar tourist place in New York they would have had armed police there in less than half the eight minutes it took the Londoners. And  that the "community police" in London ought to have been armed and trained. As it was they weren't so they ran away. I would guess this is all correct.
UPDATE: It was three terrorists and all are now dead.