Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Bombastic Trump leads the paradigm shift to ‘ashtray diplomacy’ | SCMP | Tom Plate

Professor Tom Plate has been a non-TDS-afflicted observer of Trump, giving, for example, a positive review of the Singapore summit with Kim Jung-un. (Or at least a "let's wait and see"). 
So this — much more critical piece — is all the more significant for that previous neutrality on Trump. 
Indeed, Trump's performance in Finland has given *me* a case of TDS. Taking the side of a murderous kleptomaniacal dictator instead of his own country's evidence of Russian cyber crimes against the US which has led to the recent twelve detailed indictments.  (And disgraced FBI agent Peter Strotz's bias in no way mitigates Mueller's detailed indictments). 
The current president of exceptional America swoops across time zones as if one giant human ashtray, hurling insults rather than invitations, tearing apart old fabric rather than stitching together new consensus, withdrawing from international organisations, tearing up treaties, sending carrier groups through the Taiwan Strait, insisting intolerantly on one and only one version of reality – more provincially than any president in memory.