Sunday, 22 July 2018

Re: Pompeo: Trump has been strong in protecting US from Russia | Fox News Video

RE the video:
Well, OK, Pompeo is defending Trump. No surprise there. (By the way Pompeo looks and feels like he'd be a better president than his boss).
Pompeo says that Trump was "resolute" regards Vlad's attempt to get his hands on Browder & Co.  
Trump most assuredly was not "resolute". 
In Helsinki he said that a swap was a "terrific idea". Jing and I saw him say so. We can't unsee that. 
Then the Senate voted 98-0 to tell him "no way baby". Thank goodness for that and just as well. They stopped him from his "artful deal". 
You've got to wonder if Trump thinks that that was a great deal what else might he think is a "great deal" and have given away in the private conversation in Helsinki?  Something perhaps on the dormant Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty? Gulp!  Have a look at why George W withdrew from
 that treaty in 2002. And why Vlad wants it reinstated — and said so in Helsinki. Maybe Don said "great deal" in the private talk. But who knows? But shouldn't we know?!
Fox was initially stunned by the Helsinki horror. Then they got their thinking in order and returned to business as usual which is Trumpian apologia as usual. And so too for Trump supporters. Sure the Left went crazy. "Traitor-gate" is nonsense. But the apologia of Trumpkins  is a wonder to behold. Well, sickening really. 
Trump is a disaster for our post war liberal world order which America crafted, Marshall Plan, GATT, WTO, NATO and the rest of it. And to rubbish this, in toto,  as Trump does, is not just a calumny, but recklessly dangerous. 
I can't see anything that'll change that assessment. Unless there's victory in NOK and in the multiple trade wars, none of which appears remotely possible right now. 
I was hoping that facing up to China would yield something. I no longer think that. Though I can still hope. 
Sorry. I'm full-on TDS now. 
But we can still talk. 
Just that I've had it with Trump. 
I think he's incompetent. More: I think he's a dangerous incompetent. 
There. I've said it.