Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Islamic Apostasy Laws – A Big Disgrace in the 21st Century

Protect Nahla Mahmoud

It is absolutely ridiculous in the twenty-first century to have laws where one could be criminalised and punished for thinking differently or expressing an opinion.
A great article by Nahla Mahmoud, in Calm, factual, spot on.  About time there was something in the media of the Left about the craziness of threatening death -- death! --  for choosing to think your way out of a religion....
The loony, an Islam apologist site, still maintains that there is no punishment for apostasy from Islam.  That's just failure to be tethered to reality. After all, as Mahmoud points out, fully 19 Islamic states and Muslim majority countries have criminal -- criminal! --  penalties for leaving Islam.
Mahmoud concludes:
We are indeed facing a long battle against religious dogma and discrimination until these disgraceful laws are dismissed and attitudes are changed.  But let’s ensure that in the meantime authorities, groups and individuals who use these labels as weapons to silence others or to justify their existence are also challenged and embarrassed in public. There is no gray area here – you either condemn apostasy or you don’t.
Later: Ms Mahmoud is herself a Muslim apostate.  Read here the shocking story of the death threats she has received -- just this last week -- after she did a story on Sharia law.  The main threats are from a Muslim councillor of the Lib-Dem Party (!).  Yet, the police have closed the file, saying "nothing could be done" (!!).  Nahla seems to be in the mould of her brave countrywoman Ayaan Hirsi Ali, herself a Sudanese Muslim apostate and herself the subject of death threats to the extent she is constantly accompanied by a body guard.  Such are the dangers of questioning the violence inherent in the "Religion of Peace"....
NOTE: you can add your name to the list of those calling for protection of Ms Mahmoud.