Monday, 5 August 2013

Michael Scheuer: wrong then, wrong today

Email to BBC Radio World Service:

Michael Scheuer claims (BBC World Service here in Hong Kong) that all will be well if the West just addresses various Muslim grievance: Palestine, Afghanistan, support for Israel, etc. 

He claims that the narratives of Cameron, Obama, Merkel, etc are "duplicitous" when they say that the Islamists hate the west's freedoms, its liberty and way of life.  

But that's exactly the case: the Islamists DO hate the west, its freedoms, liberty and way of life[*].  Sure they may also have their grievances, which exacerbate their hate of the west.  But the point remains, that if we gave in to all their demands, threw Israel under the bus, and so on, we'd still be left with the existential issue: that they aim to overthrow the west and its infidel ways.

See here, for the argument and the proof.  (Scheuer claimed the same thing in 2009 -- also on your World Service. He was wrong then and he's wrong now)

Yours etc,
Peter F....

[*]Added later, as an example....
Does this look like they value the west's freedom?  From here.