Friday, 16 August 2013

Protect Nahla Mahmoud

I posted yesterday about this, now have the following email in from One Law For All.  Anyone reading this, ought to go over there and sign the petition....
Following her interview on Channel 4 on Sharia law, Islamists have threatened Sudanese secular campaigner and Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain (CEMB) Co-Spokesperson Nahla Mahmoud with death, calling her a ‘Kafira’ and ‘Murtada’ who has offended Islam and brought “fitnah”. The threats have been reported to the police who have advised that nothing can be done about the particular threats made by Salah al Bandar who has until recently been a Lib Dem Councillor. The police have even urged Nahla not to “anger” him further.[!, my emphasis.  Is it right that police should say this? Surely not...].
Hundreds of individuals and groups have already signed on to an open letter calling for the authorities to take action. You (and/or your organisation) can read more about the specific threats made and sign the open letter here. 
After receiving a number of complaints from CEMB supporters, Spencer Hagard, Chair of the Cambridge Liberal Democrats, has written to al Bandar seeking an urgent response from him. Pending the outcome of his enquiry, the link between al Bandar's webpage and the Cambridge Liberal Democrats website has been temporarily discontinued.
The Lawyers Secular Society is providing support and looking into various options available to address the matter.
Clearly, everyone has a right to religion or atheism without fear and intimidation.
This is something al Bander and his Islamist friends need to learn.