Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Islam's choice

Just when you thought things couldn't get worse in the Middle East, along comes another coup. Not just any coup, but a power grab in Cairo, the most populous Arab capital. Not that precipitous regime changes are novelties in the Muslim world; coups have a better history than democracy in Arabia and elsewhere. Indeed, the Roman Empire may have been the last memorable vestige of tolerant republicanism in North Africa and the Mideast.
Withal, voting is often confused with democracy. But the vote, as we see now again in Egypt, is just so much sand in the wind.  None of this seems to matter to wishful thinkers in the West. No matter how many regimes abort, no matter the silly rhetoric of jasmine and spring, no matter how many Muslim psychotics kill in God's name, no matter the body count, the West still clings to the illusion that Jeffersonian democracy will be the default setting after every Muslim upheaval....
G. Murphy Donovan is an ex intelligence analyst who blogs here.
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As I said before, what Egypt really needs -- and I'll wager most Egyptians would agree -- is clean, open, capitalist government; the rule of law; stability, and the chance to make a decent living.  Democracy, Jeffersonian or otherwise, can come later.