Sunday, 15 February 2015

Carol Swain to police: Islam column brings harassment

[Professor] Swain told the Vanderbilt Police Department on Feb. 5 she believes she is being harassed because of a column she wrote for The Tennessean. In that column, she wrote, "It becomes clearer every day that Islam is not just another religion to be accorded the respect given to Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, Baha'i and other world religions."
I don't think any religion should be "accorded respect". They should all be subject to scrutiny. 
Perhaps if she'd said "Islam is inherently violent"?  Nah, that wouldn't have worked either with the students at Vanderbilt, given their bias. Any speaking of the truth will be called "hate speech".  Still, the stubborn fact remains: Islam *is* different. And it's different in not a nice way.