Wednesday, 25 February 2015

It’s not Netanyahu’s fault that Jews in Europe are afraid » The Spectator

"Oh, you sap, you halfwit. How can you not see that what is happening now is of a different order entirely? The number of anti-Semitic attacks rising exponentially. Drongo jihadis opening fire on synagogues and Jewish shops — not on Israeli embassies, not on Netanyahu, but on ordinary Jews. Can you imagine the response from the politicians if these sorts of attacks had been committed by white Christians against Muslims? Or indeed by Christians against Jews? And yet when it happens to be Muslims murdering Jews there is no great furore about this fact; instead it is swept to one side: simply a case of 'extremists' versus 'ordinary people'. No, that is not what it is. But given their investment in multiculturalism, the politicians will not accept this obvious point. If our Jewish community gets the hell out to Sderot or Jaffa, it will be this wilful and cowardly blindness which has propelled them there."
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