Friday, 13 February 2015

China's self-defeating crackdown on 'Western values' | South China Morning Post

As I've noted before (re link below).
Not at all good news out of China. Mind you, if you travel there, and speak to the man or woman on the street there's no hint of this crackdown, as people speak quite openly about anything on their mind, mostly to moan about how bad business is at the moment. Or about family, or crappy government officials, or stupid policies (yes, even critical of government), or movie stars, or pretty much what people anywhere talk about. 
They're way better of and way freer than they were when I first went to China in 1976. 
Still, on the macro level, bad developments. 
"The news from the mainland these days is mostly depressing, owing to the government's escalating crackdown on its critics. But what few observers seem to understand is that the Chinese leadership's fight against liberalism and "Western values" is directly undermining its efforts to root out official corruption, promote innovation and entrepreneurship, and deepen engagement with the outside world.
"The government has intensified its censorship of the internet, rendering popular portals and sites all but inaccessible. Prominent human rights lawyers have been jailed."
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