Sunday, 22 February 2015

Could Islam have something to do with it?

Three British schoolgirls, 15 years old, have left for Syria to fight for the Islamic State (ISIS).
They are - or, presumably, were - straight A students at the Bethnel Green Academy, from upstanding middle class parents who are distraught at their actions.
But, but... Obama has been telling us that "violent extremism" arises from poverty, alienation, lack of opportunity, discrimination and so on. It has nothing to do with Islam, he insists.
These girls are none of the above, like so many others who have committed themselves to the Islamic State. They are not poor, lacked no opportunities, were not alienated.
These are bright girls. Don't we think they could have read up on the doctrines of Islam, as propounded by ISIS leader Abu Bakhr Al-Baghdadi, a doctorate scholar of Islam? Doctrines of Islam he writes about clearly and forcefully on the Internet?
Think that might have a teensy bit to do with it? Dunno, but surely worth exploring. But Obama has put off limits any such exploration to all in his Administration.
"Do NOT mention the Islam!" his resounding command.

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