Wednesday, 9 September 2015

The West’s Refugee Crisis - WSJ

If Iraq shows the dangers of intervention without a follow-up plan, surely Syria shows the dangers of non-intervention without a follow-up plan.
A police force must not cudgel. But neither should it cringe. That way lies chaos, as we see on American streets where police have been rendered all but inactive in some cities in the wake police killings of blacks and the reactions from the likes of Black Lives Matter.
The same goes for the World Police. See what happens when the U.S. retreats from the world stage.
I confess having thought from the beginning of the "Arab Spring" (oh, cruel irony!), that the West should simply withdraw from the Middle East and leave them to sort out their own mess.
Well, that's not worked out too well.
But that's just little me, sitting in the comfort of my safe Hong Kong home. What do I know?
But what about all the experts and political leaders in the U.S., Europe and the UK? Shouldn't *they* have had an inkling of what might happen? Shouldn't they have known that what's done in Damascus doesn't stay in Damascus?
"The West's Refugee Crisis", in the Wall Street Journal.