Sunday, 20 September 2015

No Go Zones and The European Migration Crisis | TSEC Network

A so-called "revert" (i.e. a convert to Islam) in the UK, working on yet another
"no go zone" that doesn't exist according to mainstream media
A while back the leftist press went ballistic when an American politician mentioned Islamic "no-go zones" in Europe and the UK. No such areas exist, they insisted. And they forced an unusual, unnecessary, but craven, apology by Fox News that had broadcast the offensive politician's comments.
I wrote at the time that such zones did indeed exist, even if they might not have been called "no-go zones". Eg, in France they're called "sensitive urban areas", and there are many hundreds of them.
This article linked below (from the Terrorism and Security Experts of Canada website) has a lot more detail on re extent of, and growth in the number of, such zones.
To deny the existence of areas controlled by Islamic Sharia law, right in the heart of Europe, is not just plain wrong. It's also insane.
They must be reclaimed. Don't tell me they can't be. By the police, or army if need be. It's a failure of political will. Of guts to face the problem. Of the ongoing refusal to call Islam for what it is, for fear of being called bigoted or Islamophobic.
And of course the floods of migrants and refugees will just feed into these. Europe truly is digging its own grave.
Read this enlightening article, and weep.