Friday, 11 September 2015

Open Borders??

Letter to BBC

Why do interview only people who call for open borders, no controls in immigration, one even saying “it doesn’t matter who they are”?

Compassion needed, yes, but not insanity. Of course it matters who they are. (genuine refugees, or jihadis?)

There’s another side: which is concerned for cultural changes and especially concerned about infiltration by ISIS and other Jihadi into the waves of virtually uncontrolled immigration.  These concerns are valid and soundly based  You don’t need to be an Islamophobe, a xenophobe or a bigot to share them.

At the very least there’s an argument / discussion here.  Not just the one side that you’re broadcasting.

PF, etc...
Listening to the World Service in  Discovery Bay Hong Kong (675AM)

PS: why don’t you investigate the make up of the migrants.  Which countries, which religions, which gender, what age?  Motivation: refugee or economic?  This would surely be interesting.  Has someone done it yet?  If not, why not?
Also: why not investigate why the sudden, sharp, upsurge?  What’s changed in the last few weeks cf a year ago?